Who are we?

We are EyeComTec (subdivision of LAZgroup SA) - a group of developers dedicated to creation of various Assistive technology software. Today we offer a wide range of products and services designed to enhance the lives of those with physical disabilities.

Our mission is to create effective and affordable solutions for augmentative and alternative communication immediately available to people suffering from paralysis or significantly impaired mobility.

Our Story

Why the emphasis on affordability? Having analyzed the specialized market of computer devices for paralyzed people, we came to an upsetting conclusion: the majority of the devices and software are too expensive for the physically impaired people and their families to purchase. Of course, the big companies spend great amounts of money every year on improving the quality of their production but, regardless, the prices are extremely inflated. EyeComTec wants to make this kind of technology affordable and accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy and elite.

We considered these factors as a challenge to our own abilities and knowledge. We are confident that the devices for paralyzed people should not be so expensive, and in 2010 we began researching and creating working models of the necessary systems and optimized them for netbook computers with a built-in video camera (whose price does not exceed $500) [more]

Today, EyeComTec is one of the industry’s foremost software providers for the paralyzed and physically impaired. We work hard and continue developing innovative solutions to make operative communication possible.

The concept of the EyeComTec stands apart from the vast majority of technologies, which are available in the modern market of augmentative and alternative communication solution, and various other data input interfaces. Assistive technology solutions from EyeComTec are exclusively software, and thus are easily accessible from any part of the world, have convenient settings and operations, and can be used on any laptop or personal computer.

Allowing completely paralysed people with limited budget to communicate with others Advantages of Augmentative and Alternative Communication technology made by EyeComTec

Problem Definition

Why our solution?

Our Software

EyeComTec is dedicated to the needs of disabled and physically impaired people everywhere. Through our innovative approach and advanced methods, we have been able to create a formidable software suite designed to provide a real solution to those with physical impairments. We offer three highly effective, feature packed programs that anyone can download and begin communicating with others through the use of eye blinking.

Using our exclusive ECTcamera, ECTkeyboard and all-new ECTtracker programs, users can communicate effortlessly and effectively with others enriching their lives and giving them one less roadblock in life.

EyeComTec’s ECTcamera uses any computer-based integrated or USB camera device to display videos for and of the user. This easy to learn and use software gives the user a wide array of useful features and options and it’s portability means that you can take it anywhere.

The ECTkeyboard offers complete customizability and allows the user to type complete lines of text with just one key stroke. This is especially useful for those with decreased motor skills enabling them to easily communicate with others in a quick and understandable manner.

EyeComTec’s latest software innovation is the ECTtracker. This revolutionary program utilizes eye movements and has the ability to detect even the slightest movement whether the eye is open or closed. It can be used in conjunction with other software applications to help the users communicate and control other programs. The ECTtracker compares the different states of the user’s eyes and communicates those movements to other management programs.

Every program EyeComTec creates is highly customizable and is offered as a free download to anyone that needs the kind of assistance and support that our software offers. We are going to continue working on algorithms and usability and are constantly improving our already beneficial programs.

ECTkeyboard ECTkeyboard

ECTkeyboard (EyeComTec Keyboard) is a program with a text matrix that allows individuals with limited motor skills to type text. The program works with eye tracking applications (ECTtracker and analogues), allowing to select characters through blinking, muscle contractions or other actions. ECTkeyboard has a flexible interface configuration, language input and character selecting delays. Saves all settings in files for subsequent work.

ECTtracker ECTtracker

ECTtracker (EyeComTec Tracker) is an eye-tracking program that works in conjunction with applications to capture video and control programs. Based on the state of the eye (open, closed, one eye opened) it transmits the control key codes to the receiver program. Thus the user can run the program and type the text by opening and closing the eyes. Requires no installation and has flexible configuration options.

ECTlistener ECTlistener

ECTistener software, created and developed by EyeComTec (www.eyecomtec.com) is intended to analyze sound signals from any microphone. Depending on the length and volume of the signal, ECTlistener emulates key strokes and sends control codes to the receiving software.

ECTcamera ECTcamera

ECTcamera (EyeComTec Camera) is a video capture program to work with a webcam or an external device connected to the computer. It allows you to scale the displayed image, save partial or full screen screenshots or videos. Supports "hot keys", saving all the settings in the configuration files, switching quickly between them and can be launched from the command line. Doesn’t require installation.

ECTmouse ECTmouse

ECTmouse (EyeComTec Mouse) is an application which emulates cursor movement and mouse button clicks by using any keyboard. This program is part of the assistive technologies complex and works effectively with a personal computer for those with limited physical abilities.

ECTmorse ECTmorse

ECTmorse (EyeComTec Morse) is a program designed to help sufferers of paralysis by allowing them to type using Morse code. The program may be used on nearly any PC or laptop because of its low system requirements, and is fully featured and customizable.

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