ECTcamera Overview


ECTcamera (EyeComTec Camera) is a video capture program to work with a webcam or an external device connected to the computer. It allows you to scale the displayed image, save partial or full screen screenshots or videos. Supports "hot keys", saving all the settings in the configuration files, switching quickly between them and can be launched from the command line. Doesn’t require installation.

About ECTcamera

ECTcamera (EyeComTec Camera) is a convenient software solution created to work with any web camera or any other video-capturing device connected to a PC or a laptop. ECTcamera has a really convenient and simple user interface and allows the user to scale the visible image area, save screenshots of the whole screen or its parts, and supports a wide range of devices, providing automatic identification of connected hardware. It supports various working resolutions of web cameras and many other settings.

The program is portable, light, and doesn’t require installation or registry modification, allowing the user to launch it from any external data storage device. It also allows working with so-called “hotkeys.” ECTcamera is a fully customizable application, thus the user can zoom the image in or out, change the shift step, as well as the size and position of the main window of the program and the compression ratio of saved screenshots. The flexibility of ECTcamera makes it possible to use any third-party video stream processing solution.

ECTcamera supports working with the command prompt and additional parameters, making it possible to use various scheduling and time-management programs to launch applications according to a schedule. Due to this fact, the program can reduce RAM usage, which permits using ECTcamera even on budget laptops. Furthermore, the application supports an unlimited amount of configuration files, switching between various ECTcamera settings really quickly, which can be handy for working with various video-capturing devices or for operation on different computers.

This program is really easy to use, and provides fast configuration and intuitive controls. Initial configuration of ECTcamera takes less than a minute, while switching between various configuration files (which contain different video output parameters, windows layout, shift step, etc.) in a couple of seconds.

Main advantages of ECTcamera

In comparison with other similar applications, ECTcamera provides several important advantages:

This fusion of simplicity and functionality makes ECTcamera a really convenient and useful program that can be applied in various sectors.


About window of the program About window of the program
The interface of the program during the first launch The interface of the program during the first launch
The main menu of the program The main menu of the program
Program operating with a webcam. Resolution 640x480, distance to the face of the user ~ 30cm Program operating with a webcam
ECTcamera settings panel ECTcamera settings panel
The syntax of the program launch commands through command prompt The syntax of the program launch commands through command prompt

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